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Jeff Goodman: Jayson Tatum “will have a better career than Paul Pierce”

​Jacob Tobey explores whether Jayson Tatum will have a better career than Paul Pierce.

Pierce to IT: “Your video tribute should be sent to you on Twitter or Instagram.”

Jacob Tobey breaks down the Paul Pierce-Isaiah Thomas Jersey Retirement Beef

With Bradley Gone, New Generation of Celtics Basketball Officially Starts

A story on how Avery Bradley had a positive impact with the Celtics and how this trade affects the team's culture.

Tales From The Broadcasting Booth

​Jacob Tobey, Wareham Gatemen intern, talks about being a Cape League broadcaster, his journey to Wareham, reveals rookie gaffes, and importance of pre-game prep. 

To what extent does the American culture create negative challenges towards international players and how much does the MLB help them in spite of the salary?

How the different cultures of Major League players are affected by many facets of the game.

To what extent does today's media culture, both sports media (reporters, networks) and social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) have a postive effect on professional athletes?

An investigation on how sports media and social media effect professional athletes on and off the field.

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