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10,000 Hours (Dan and Shay, Justin Bieber) Cover

Top 10 Finalist for "Boston Idol." Click on picture for link. Appearance at 6:28.

National Anthem at Tulsa Roughnecks Game

Tonight (Original Song)

Cover of "Castle on the Hill" by Ed Sheeran. 

Renegades (X Ambassadors) Cover 

Closer (The Chainsmokers) Cover 

Beautiful People (Ed Sheeran) Cover

Childhood Friend (Original Song) 

Trust Me (Original Song)

Cover of "Pride and Joy" in Madrid, Spain

Cover of Ed Sheeran's Don't/No Diggity Mashup 

Train (original) acoustic live version. 

Singing multiple covers with Alejandra Cava at Retiro Park, in Madrid, Spain